The Hall Of Pain


The Ars Moriensis was the start of the Dark Side Cowboys’ epos with the same name, devided into five parts, and here we have reached part III – The Hall of Pain. This demo was, like Ars Moriensis, made in 100 numbered copies plus another 100 promocopies. This is the recording that brought DSC outside the borders of their homecountry and musically one can follow the development.

On this album size one can follow the Cowboys in the battle between the good and the bad side… in the Hall of Pain.

Release info

Year: 1994
Label: Moriensis Productions

Track list

  • Main Title
  • Princess
  • Betrayed
  • UnfortuNataly
  • Freezing Flies
  • Dust (Apocryphal)
  • The New World
  • All…
  • Magia Bianca
  • Magia Nera
  • Five Years Lter
  • The Hall Of Pain
  • Story Of Stories
  • The End Title