Rare & Obscure


Ars Moriensis II – Rare & Obscure is the name of the second demotape from DSC. Limited to 25 numbered copies it sold out quickly and lucky owners af an original can now become rich, erhm… On this tape DSC are even more experimental than on Ars Moriensis and among the many obscure songs one can find special versions of Deep, Bloodred Moon and Red Day, unique tracks like Nerves Don’t Regain and covers of among others David Bowie.

Release info

Year: 1994
Label: Moriensis Productions

Track list

  • Nightwalk
  • The New World (Of Fallen Monuments)
  • Alice
  • Black Sun (Demo)
  • Nerves Don’t Regain (Back to Nyarlatothep)
  • Bloodred Moon (Non Space)
  • Red Day (Gingeraled)
  • Story
  • Deep (Beneath)
  • Manobaby & Manoboogie
  • From Salvation
  • My Angel
  • 1969
  • The Memory Of A Free Festival Part II