New song released on Svartpunkt CD “Vaccin”

Swedish magazine Svartpunkt has just released their issue #5 and with it comes a compilation CD featuring various artists and among them Dark Side Cowboys, contributing with a version of a brand new song called “Rewind”.

The song is dedicated to the loving memory of Johan Lehnér Hansson who has sadly passed away. Johan was the frontman of Swedish industrial pioneers The Abnormalized. He also worked a few times alongside DSC back in the 90’s. Atreyo also joined forces with the band Whipcord, that came to follow The Abnormalized.


Title: Vaccin
Track: Rewind (JLH)
Format: Ltd edition CD
Info: Compilation that comes with the Svartpunkt magazine #5
Year: 2021
Other artists participating:  A Projection, Celldöd and many more.
Additional info: The song Rewind is dedicated to Johan Lehnér Hansson of The Abnormalized.

The Return story concludes

The storyline of “Return” concludes with the video to the song “Shadow Of Your Past”, released today on Youtube. Have a look and don’t forget to subscribe to the DSC channel.


Solstice has arrived!

The new album Solstice from Dark Side Cowboys has arrived! It is available in a limited edition digipak CD and of course also out on online platforms such as Spotify, i-tunes and Youtube. The Spotify versions include special backgrounds for the mobile apps and the Youtube version include video footage to the songs.


Solstice – to be released December 21

On december 21:st we will reach the winter solstice, or the hibernal solstice as it’s also called, a time when one part of the earth experience the longest days of the year, a time of reflection and a time of rebirth as days will start to get longer. This is the time when Dark Side Cowboys choose to deliver the new album “Solstice”, an album conceived in isolation during the pandemic. More info will follow, so stay tuned… In the meantime: enjoy the cover art:



Solstice is a 7-track concept album released on december 21:st 2020, at the time of the hibernal solstice. The album was conceived during the pandemic of 2020 and recorded with all the cowboys in isolation, separated across Sweden.

More info will come…

Release info

Year: 2020
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: CD (digipak) in limited edition + online release

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Band photos 2020

Band photos 2020 – by DSC

Blood & Dust – A Gothic Western

Title: Blood & Dust – A Gothic Western
Track: Signs of Life
Format: Online + ltd edition CD
Info: Thematic compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2020
Label: Venus Aeon
Other artists participating: Raven Said, The Dust Ryde, Sonsombre and many more.
Additional info: Signs of Life (exclusive version) features guest vocals by Poker Hart a.k.a. Kari Berg as well ass cello & jaw harp by Marko Hautamäki of Two Witches/Chaos Research.

The website is back up

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