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La Danse Macabre 14

Title: La Danse Macabre 14
Track: Rewind
Format: Online
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2023
Label: At Sea Compilations
Other artists participating: Secret Discovery, Glass Chapel, Paulina Pank, and many more
Additional info: The song Rewind is dedicated to Johan Lehnér Hansson of The Abnormalized.

New gig announced – 30 year celebration

Dark Side Cowboys will play live on November 24 in Helsingborg, Sweden, at Charles Dickens Bar & Scen alongside Then Comes Silence and Vision Video. This is the first announced live gig from a series of carefully selected live appearances that DSC will do as part of the 30 year celebration. The official DSC birthday is in November.


Observance on limited edition Blu-ray!

The limited edition Blu-ray is now available for pre-orders! It will be released on April 25. It can be ordered only from and it features the full performance in high quality, a total of 11 songs from the DSC catalogue along with intro, mid-scenes and end credits. And – it comes with a 16 page booklet with pictures and lyrics, a collector’s item for sure!



Dark Side Cowboys join forces with the dancers from Dark Dance Society to bring you a one time live performance where music and dance merge in a gothic western setting.

The performance was recorded live September 3, 2022 at Kulturcentrum, Sandviken. This exclusive Blu-ray release features the full performance with additional outro, mid-scenes and a 16 page booklet with pictures and lyrics!

The concert features a total of 11 songs and an over 1 hour runtime! Several of the songs had never before been performed live.

Release info

Year: 2023
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions in cooperation with Nangijala Productions and Voyce.
Format: Blu-Ray in limited edition

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Time for Observance!

In September 2022, Dark Side Cowboys teamed up with the dancers of Dark Dance Society in a one time live performance, where music and dance merge in a gothic western setting. The show was called OBSERVANCE and features11 songs from the Dark Side Cowboys catalogue, many of them never before performed live and some in new versions. The riders were also joined by a bunch of fellow musicians and special guests.

Now we bring you the news that the full show will be released on film! On April 23 at 20.00 (CET) there will be an online streaming event, followed by a Blu-ray release on April 25. You can already pre-order the Blu-ray at the DSC-shop! And finally for those of you who wish to have a sneak peak at the whole show in a theatrical experience, it will be a screening on April 13 (20.00 CET) at Teaterbruket, Kulturcentrum in Sandviken organized by Konsthallen in Sandviken and AlternativaCultura, free admittance!


The Undertaker


Silent War is the first single from the forthcoming album. It features the title track and the song Rewind, in memory of Johan Lehnér Hansson.

Release info

Year: 2023
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis
Format: CD (digipak) in limited edition + online release

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New single out on March 25!

On March 25, Dark Side Cowboys will release the first single from a forthcoming studio album. The single is called “The Undertaker” and features two new songs. The title track has been played live since 2021 and fans have been requested this single since. The second track is the full version of the song “Rewind”, a song that also has been featured earlier in an exclusive version on a compilation CD from the Swedish magazine Svartpunkt.

This release is the first of two singles from a forthcoming full length album and it is also a part of the Dark Side Cowboys 30 year celebration 2023! “The Undertaker” will be available on most major digital platforms and streaming services on March 25. For collectors, fans and those who just want to support the band there will also be a CD release in a limited edition digipak with exclusive artwork that will be released at the same time. You can pre-order this single for only 5 euro + shipping before March 20 through the DSC shop! Just fill out the form and the Sheriff’s office will get back to you as soon as possible.

50% off from Bandcamp to celebrate 30 years!

To celebrate Dark Side Cowboys – 30 years – we now offer the full digital discography on Bandcamp with a 50 % discount! Go check out and follow DSC at

Some of these releases are (so far) exclusive digital releases and it is a good way of supporting, since most of your money will reach the band! You can also still listen to the music for free on Bandcamp so it might be worth a visit even if you can’t buy anything.