Beyond is a 11-track, 72 min, thematic album, released on April 25, 2024. The album dives into the everlasting questions of life and death and takes you on a journey beyond… It begins with the arrival of the Undertaker, takes the listener through the process of loss, disbelief, sadness and grief to reaching out to inner peace and ends with solace.

The soundscapes reflect the mood of each part of the journey and as always DSC are exploring new musical territories. On this album there are also many additional riders contributing to the songs, for example The Witchdoctor (aka Lord Gravehill from Two Witches!) on cellos. The single The Undertaker has been rearranged by Scavenger John (aka J. Strauss from Morlocks) for the album, featuring a bombastic symphonic orchestra arrangement.

Release info

Year: 2024
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: CD (digipak) in limited edition + online release

Track list (CD + online release)

  • Road to…
  • The Undertaker (Arrival)
  • Light
  • Night Rain
  • Beyond
  • Farewell
  • Signs Of Life (Edit)
  • Grief
  • Stand By
  • Stratosphere
  • Solace