Welcome to the Dark Side Cowboys merchandise section!

You can order digital downloads of DSC- albums at the official DSC-bandcamp.
(We are looking at more online solutions for merchandise sales)

You can order CDs directly from us. That way you will also ensure that 100% of your money goes to supporting the artist.

You will need a PayPal account. We accept payment in USD, EUR and SEK. Send us your request through the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Available items:

The new conceptual album
CD album (digipak) w 4 page booklet. Limited edition.
150 SEK/15 EUR /20 USD
+ shipping (Sweden 50 SEK, Europe 5 EUR/ Outside europe: ask)

12 new songs.
CD album (digipak) w. 16 page booklet including lyrics to all songs. Limited edition.
150 SEK / 15 EUR/ 20 USD + shipping

Dust III
CD single (digipak), Limited edition
50 SEK / 6 EUR / 7 USD + shipping

One Moment In Time
CD single (digipak), Limited edition.
50 SEK / 6 EUR / 7 USD + shipping

CD (digipak) album, Limited edition
5-tracks of acoustic based songs.
3 bonus tracks
100 SEK / 10 EUR / 13 USD + shipping

Chronicles III
USB digipak, limited edition
11 bonus tracks, 2 videos, cover artwork, and more.
Also includes digital versions of Chronicles I, II and the “Circles” single.
200 SEK / 20 EUR / 26 USD + shipping

Chronicles II (digipak)
CD 6-track album, digipack, limited edition
100 SEK / 10 EUR / 13 USD + shipping

CD album
100 SEK / 10 EUR / 13 USD + shipping

CD album
100 SEK / 10 EUR / 13 USD + shipping

New Religion
CD single (4-tracks)
50 SEK / 5 EUR / 7 USD + shipping

Andreas WandegrenEn skugga bland skuggor
CD album
Solo album from Andreas Wandegren – a.k.a. Vigilante
100 SEK/10 EUR/ 13 USD + shipping

To order you need a PayPal account.
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    Thank you for your interest!