Rights and licenses

About rights and licenses to Dark Side Cowboys material
January 2015:
Dark Side Cowboys hold ALL current rights to all recordings made during history!

We welcome all of you out there interested in releasing material with DSC to contact us for further info and discussion about possible licensing deals.

Past releases (not to be mixed up with “recordings”)
M&A MusicArt released the CDs “The Apocryphal” and “Pure Hearts EP” but the contract to the rights have ended in 1996, meaning that they are not allowed to make any new releases, re-releases or redistribute any rights to any of the recordings.

Nangijala Records have released all other CDs from 1996-2003 + additional releases with DSC and we still share rights with Nangijala Records, meaning that they still hold rights, although DSC have all the rights to redistribute, reissue or otherwise release the recordings for those albums and singles.

There are no current licenses except Nangijala Records + partners for “New Religion”, “Believe” and “Disclosure” albums.

Exceptions are of course compilation albums and special licenses.

All other items are unless otherwise noticed 100% Dark Side Cowboys.

Back Catalogue
All other material is strictly copyright of Dark Side Cowboys meaning that you deal directly with us about ANYTHING.

For future releases
We will see which parties might be involved and how but in new times we are of course looking out for decent deals for distribution and records.

Exception for releasing new material:
We are still partly connected to STIM/Ncb meaning that for releasing some songs for new media one needs to have a license from them. We are looking into that for the future…since we are not happy with current terms.

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