Band photos 2020

Band photos 2020 – by DSC

Blood & Dust – A Gothic Western

Title: Blood & Dust – A Gothic Western
Track: Signs of Life
Format: Online + ltd edition CD
Info: Thematic compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2020
Label: Venus Aeon
Other artists participating: Raven Said, The Dust Ryde, Sonsombre and many more.
Additional info: Signs of Life (exclusive version) features guest vocals by Poker Hart a.k.a. Kari Berg as well ass cello & jaw harp by Marko Hautamäki of Two Witches/Chaos Research.

The website is back up

The website has been suffering from downtime and technical problems for some time. We have now managed to restore the homepage but unfortunately there are still missing links and images. Also, news items in the period of 2018-2020 are damaged, so please have patience as we are working on restoring the page.

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 2020-06-20 @ 21.44
You did not see this one coming, right? Dark Side Cowboys deliver the first song from the forthcoming thematic release ”Solstice” as we now (UTC) pass the solstice.

The longest day of the year and one of the turning points of the solar year is a time of celebration to many, so what could be better than a brand new song, along with the announcement of a new release!

Summer Solstice is the middle piece of the coming release that will contain a total of 7 new songs and have a total length of approx. 74 minutes.

There will be more info on this in a near future but in the meantime enjoy the new song that will only be released on the official Dark Side Cowboys Youtube-channel for now.

New song on a gothic western themed compilation

May 1st will see the release of a gothic western themed compilation, featuring a bunch of fellow bands in the scene, compiled and released by Venus Aeon and Obscura Undead.
Dark Side Cowboys will participate with a brand new song (!), with a modest runtime of 12.54 min, called “Signs of Life”.

To further tease your interest in this we could add that DSC have had the pleasure of collaborating with Marko from Two Witches (Official) and Chaos Research, who added beautiful cello parts and an haunting bass jaw harp to the track. Also, you may spot Kari Berg on backing vocals.

La Danse Macabre 5

Title: La Danse Macabre 5
Track: End Of Your World
Format: Online
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2019
Label: At Sea Compilations
Other artists participating: Sweet William, Then Comes Silence and many more.

Live 2018

Live album released: Reborn

On december 15 the new live music album “Reborn” was released! The album contains 11 songs and 60 minutes of Dark Side Cowboys performing their music live at Alternativfesten, Sweden in November 2018.

Many of the songs performed are from the latest album “Return“, including all the singles released from the album (One Moment In Time, Silent War, Dust III), along with classic DSC-songs like “Bloodred Moon”, “Loving You” and “New Religion”.

This is an album that showcase the Dark Side Cowboys live in a way that you could almost experience the feeling of standing there in front of the stage. Add to that the series of live videos from the very same concert, released on the official DSC Youtube-channel.

Have a listen folks:



Reborn is the first official live album from the Dark Side Cowboys. It was recorded live at Alternativfesten, Sandviken on November 10, 2018 along with a series of music videos to follow the release.

It features the entire concert, a total of 11 tracks. Most of the songs are from the previous studio album “Return”, but there are also some of the old classics, like “Bloodred Moon” and “Loving You”.

Dark Side Cowboys have been known to be a very good live band and these recordings shows an example of just how good the band can be. Even though many of the songs are performed live with a very similar sound as the original studio recordings it also gives the songs new dimensions and variations.

Release info

Year: 2018
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: online

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