La Danse Macabre 5

Title: La Danse Macabre 5
Track: End Of Your World
Format: Online
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2019
Label: At Sea Compilations
Other artists participating: Sweet William, Then Comes Silence and many more.

Live album released: Reborn

On december 15 the new live music album “Reborn” was released! The album contains 11 songs and 60 minutes of Dark Side Cowboys performing their music live at Alternativfesten, Sweden in November 2018.

Many of the songs performed are from the latest album “Return“, including all the singles released from the album (One Moment In Time, Silent War, Dust III), along with classic DSC-songs like “Bloodred Moon”, “Loving You” and “New Religion”.

This is an album that showcase the Dark Side Cowboys live in a way that you could almost experience the feeling of standing there in front of the stage. Add to that the series of live videos from the very same concert, released on the official DSC Youtube-channel.

Have a listen folks:



Reborn is the first official live album from the Dark Side Cowboys. It was recorded live at Alternativfesten, Sandviken on November 10, 2018 along with a series of music videos to follow the release.

It features the entire concert, a total of 11 tracks. Most of the songs are from the previous studio album “Return”, but there are also some of the old classics, like “Bloodred Moon” and “Loving You”.

Dark Side Cowboys have been known to be a very good live band and these recordings shows an example of just how good the band can be. Even though many of the songs are performed live with a very similar sound as the original studio recordings it also gives the songs new dimensions and variations.

Release info

Year: 2018
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: online

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New live music video released!

A new live music video has just been released on the Dark Side Cowboys official Youtube-channel. It is the first in a series of live songs that will be released in a near future.

The song is the classic “Bloodred Moon”, as performed live at Alternativfesten in Sandviken, Sweden on November 10 earlier this year. This will also be one chapter in the closure of the 25:th anniversary for the DSC, year MMXVIII. Stay tuned.

Silent War video released.

Now the music video for the opening song from the “Return” album “Silent War” is released. It was voted forward by the fans at the Dark Side Cowboys facebook channel as the next video from DSC to be released and the riders answered the call.

The video features Undertaker Atreyo and Gunslinger Jonah and the timeline is set somewhere around the events of the previous “Dust III” video…



Title: Rebirth
Track: I Would Never
Format: Online
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2018
Label: Venus Aeon Records
Other artists participating:  Amaranth, The Flatfield and many more.

Post Gothic You Should Know

Title: Post Gothic You Should Know
Track: One Moment In Time (Terra Mix)
Format: Online
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2017
Label: Gothic Rock/Oskar Terramortis
Other artists participating: Grooving In Green, Then Comes Silence and many more.



Return is the first studio album with new songs from Dark Side Cowboys since 2003. It contains 12 new songs, among them the three singles released from the album: “One Moment In Time”, “Silent War” and “Dust III” and also the song “Dream With Me” as dedicated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and RTSI.

On this album DSC return to their homelands, to their origins and to their old soundscape, as well as take a wild step onto new territories, challenging the listerns and fans. Symbolic, direct, atmospheric and moody at times and uptempo and catchy songs fill the more than one hour long album.

The album is relesed on most major online platforms and also available in limited edition CD digipak with a 16-page booklet with all the lyrics, also featuring a lot fo beautiful artwork and photos from the county of Jamtland, where the Cowboys dwell…

Release info

Year: 2018
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: limited edition CD + online

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Return – the new album is out

Dark Side Cowboys​ Return. Today is the release day for the brand new studio album from Dark Side Cowboys!

It features 12 new songs and it is the first studio album with new songs from DSC since 2003. It is released on most major online platforms and it will also be available on CD in a limited edition digipak with a 16-page booklet. Pre-orders for the digipak is available  now through

You can already enjoy the album online:
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