Demon is the fourth part in the Ars Moriensis epos, and probably the most deadly part too… Designed as a comedy this piece of music will thrill the listener and send shivers down your spines. One can hear a mixture of sanity and insanity, good and bad, light and darkness, and there is no way out. The demotape is somewhat equal to Rare & Obscure and it was only made in 25 copies (guess if they sold out…). On this demo one can find early demoversions among with exclusive tracks and covers. DSC fear no limits.

Release info

Year: 1994
Label: Moriensis Productions

Track list

  • Disharmony
  • The Hall Of Pain (Brick By Brick)
  • Manoboogie (T.T.R.E.M)
  • I Feel You
  • Dust (Demo)
  • Kingdome Come
  • UnfortuNataly (Bad Luck)
  • Equals
  • Bloodred Moon (Demo Version)
  • Leviathan (Demo Version)
  • To The Lost Secrets (Demo Version)
  • Betrayed (Demo Version)
  • Dust (Chaotic Live)
  • Troubles
  • The Hall Of Insanity