Shots & Cuts


Shots & Cuts give the listener a summary of what the Cowboys were up to on stage during 1993-94. Included are live-tracks from various performances, from the worst ones that never should have been done in the first place, to some better ones. Found within are exclusive tracks and versions that practically never can be done again… This is the fifth and final part in the Ars Moriensis story, the epilogue that ends with a lot of questions, perhaps never to be answered.

Release info

Year: 1994
Label: Moriensis Productions

Track list

  • To The Lost Secrets
  • Disclosure
  • Deep
  • Black Sun
  • Down To The Heart of Midnight
  • Duel ’til Dawn
  • Black Debonair
  • Red Day
  • Chinese?
  • Cyanid Dreams
  • Bloodred Moon
  • Disclosure Once Again
  • To Be Continued…