New live dates announced!

Dark Side Cowboys will play live at the RTSI evening at Babel, Malmö, on April 14th. The concert is part of the RTSI campaign to raise awareness about the work that RTSI and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation do against discrimination of subcultures.

Dark Side Cowboys will perform alongside among others: Aurelio Voltaire, Spark! and Machinista. Read more at the Live section.

Silent War, new single out now!

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The second single from the forthcoming album with Dark Side Cowboys is out now, containing the title track “Silent War” and the song “Everything Changes”. This single will point the direction of what to expect on the coming album from DSC. The single is released online and available on most major platforms, but there will also be a limited edition digipak with exclusive artwork (available for preorder now) for the hardcore fans.

New song and music video out


The first video from the forthcoming album by Dark Side Cowboys is the song “A Different Path”. Witness the beatutiful landscapes of Jamtland county, listen, contemplate and follow on a journey where Gunslinger Jonah goes searching for the artefacts of old claimed to be found in the wilderness… What or who will he find?



First single from new album out!


“One Moment In Time” is the name of the new single from Dark Side Cowboys, the first single from the forthcoming album, which will be the first album in more than ten years with new songs from DSC to hit the market!

The single One Moment In Time states the path of the sound from the coming album. Dark Side Cowboys have gone back to the roots but also taking on a different path, renewing their sound once again. The atmospheric soundscape with rythmic strings, low melodic leads, the picking guitars, driving drums and melodic bass shows how the new lineup of DSC have managed to merge their styles.

The single is released October 1 on most online platforms and will also be available in a limited edition on a digipack! You can pre-order it from the DSC-shop for a nice 5 EUR!

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New album and single confirmed!

Breaking news:
It has been more than 10 years since Swedens finest gothic/alt rock band Dark Side Cowboys released an album with new material. Now, the riders from the north confirm that rumours are indeed true and that they have been working on a new album, for several years, that is to be released in a near future. But first out will be a single or two.

First out now from the new album, which title is rumoured to be announced later this fall, will be a single entitled “One Moment In Time”. More on this will follow… soon.


“There are whispers. People say that “the undertaker”, one of the riders from the legendary Dark Side Cowboys has been sighted wandering by the river… Something long lost has been found.”

New song out on compilation


New compilation (double CD) released on Darkpage label featuring a brand new song by Dark Side Cowboys: “Breathing In” in an exclusive mix. You can buy your copy online from Darkpage. Other bands are among others Star Industry and Malaise.

Origins Extended out on Spotify and I-tunes!

Dark Side Cowboys - Origins Extended - cover1024_72pxl

More news from the prairie of the Dark Side Cowboys: The “Origins” album is now out online in an “Extended” version. “Origins” was released as a limited CD digipack release during the Pilgrimage tour on “Inlandsbanefestivalen” that DSC did earlier this year, then with 3 additional bonus tracks not included on this release. But this online release contain 4 songs recorded live during the “Inlandsbanefestivalen” gigs!

The “Origins” mini-album was recorded as an acoustic based album where DSC performs some of their classic songs in a minimalistic style, as done during “Inlandsbanefestivalen”. Many have requested these versions and now it is here. The 5-track original min-ialbum also have one new song: “One Moment In Time”, also performed with acoustic instruments.

The live recordings feature two special guests, namely swedish singer/songwriter Linn Ulwebäck who sings along on “One Moment In Time” and german guitar virtuoise Martin C Herberg who joined DSC live on “Story of Stories”.

As a finally, on popular demand, DSC give you the exclusive cover version of “Jämtlandssången” by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, the “national anthem” of Jamtland Sweden, from where many of the riders come from.

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