Return – the new album is out

Dark Side Cowboys​ Return. Today is the release day for the brand new studio album from Dark Side Cowboys!

It features 12 new songs and it is the first studio album with new songs from DSC since 2003. It is released on most major online platforms and it will also be available on CD in a limited edition digipak with a 16-page booklet. Pre-orders for the digipak is available  now through

You can already enjoy the album online:
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Return – to be released April 6

The new album with Dark Side Cowboys, titled “Return”, is scheduled for release on April 6. The album will be released on most major online platforms (Spotify, itunes and so on) and it will also be released as a digipak in limited edition. It will be available for pre-order and more info on this will follow.

Also check out the video with some teasers from the album:

Album set for release!

The new album with Dark Side Cowboys is set for release in april! Dark Side Cowboys deliver their long promised album with new material, the first album with new songs since 2003! The album title has also been revealed and it will be called “Return”.

It will be released almost exactly 25 years since the band started and it will surely be a milestone in the discography of DSC. More details of the album will follow in a near future. Until then, enjoy the video above, released today, that might give you some clues…
It also features some new songs from the coming album!

Dream With Me out on RTSI

Dark Side Cowboys contribute to the RTSI (Right To Subcultural Identity) campaign with a new song and music video, titled “Dream With Me”. The RTSI-initiative work against discrimination of subcultures and Dark Side Cowboys fully stand behind their cause. The video is also dedicated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and their important work.

The song raise the topic of civil courage. It takes on what it means to be able to stand against something that seem overwhelming, invincible, and how that might change history. The video features among others artists Alternative Horizon and the designs/artwork of Kai Reichwaldt and Tomas Ponga. It stars Kari Berg as Poker Hart and also features new talent in among others Martina Gabara.

Poker Hart is gambling with high stakes. She faces a man with a plague mask who claims he has a coin with a value greater than any other. She recognises his voice from somewhere in her past and then, she remembers…

Read more and see the video:

New video: Dust III

Dark Side Cowboys now release the video for “Dust III”. Breathtakingly beautiful views of the homelands of the Cowboys merge with the mesmerizing soundscapes, as the spectacular scenery speaks out to the audience.

The video was shot by Joachim Ljungquist. It shows the magnificent landscapes and surroundings by the river of Ammerån, the county of Jamtland in northern Sweden. It certainly is a music video like no other.

Gunslinger Jonah has been on a quest of finding the riders, but what he found was not all what he was looking for… Walking by the river he follows the old trail where the raftsmen used to work. Who, or what can be found at the ancient trail that leads through the forest alongside the river? The search goes on as autumn is closing in..

New compilations featuring DSC

The past year has seen a number of compilations (online and on CD) featuring the Dark Side Cowboys. On russian label Darkpage a mix of the new song “I Would Never” is featured. At Sea Compilations released “La Danse Macabre vol II” featuring an exclusive mix of “One Moment In Time” and KF Kretsen released the single version of the same track on “Mixat 2017”. More to come as DSC will join the “United World Underground” collection by M&E this autumn.

The United World Underground

Dark Side Cowboys will be part of “The United World Underground Collection”, by Music & Elsewhere, to be released in a near future, as M&E celebrate 25 years.

We can already disclose that M&E will re-release the old demotape collection “Review” (this time digitally remastered – the original was released on cassette).

There will also be 3 bonus tracks on the release: “Stories Heard”, “Premonitions” and the single track “One Moment In Time”. Also, some other collector’s items will be found, like a previously unreleased promotional picture!

Follow the progress of this release at:

Have a sneak peak at the book:

New live video! One Moment In Time

Out now is a new live in concert video with Dark Side Cowboys, performing “One Moment In Time”. It was recorded live at Babel venue in Malmö, Sweden on april 14:th as DSC performed at the RTSI-event “Make A Noise Malmö”, to raise awarness about the RTSI-initiative and also to raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

This is actually the first official live in concert video ever by Dark Side Cowboys, although there has been a semi-live video released earlier for “Believe” and of course a bunch of bootlegs and other recorded performances. Still, this would be the first official release.

More songs from this concert will follow on the official Dark Side Cowboys Youtube-channel!


Dust III – third single out!

“Forced out of the light” comes the third single from the fortcoming album with Dark Side Cowboys. “Dust III” is as the name suggests the third part of a suit of songs, where earlier releases in the series has been “Dust” (1996) and “Dust II” (2011). Now the third part is released as part of the forthcoming DSC-album. The song is a lot more atmospheric and laid back than the earlier two single releases and shows the wide spectre of the sound from the album.

The single is released online and available on most major platforms, but there will also be a limited edition digipak with exclusive artwork (available for preorder now) for the hardcore fans.