Congregation on Bandcamp

The music from Congregation will be available on Bandcamp for purchase and download. It will be split into three releases, each covering one part of the Congregation live concert. This is the music only. The full concert with video, mid-scenes and bonus content is so far a Blu-ray only exclusive.

But if you want the songs only to listen to, here they are:

Congregation – Blu-ray release

It’s time for the Congregation Blu-ray release!
Congregation features the full almost 2-hour long concert with DSC – originally streamed on October 15, 2021. A total of 18 songs! Several songs have never before been performed live and among them are two totally new ones and lots of fan favourites, old as new. The Blu-ray is a limited edition item so get your copy now, order from:

Congregation to be released on BluRay

In October the 2 hour long concert Congregation with Dark Side Cowboys was streamed to Youtube. Many DSC-fans asked for a re-release for DVD or similar. Now, on the 2021 Black Friday we can disclose that there will be a Blu-ray release, scheduled for December 2021 featuring the full concert and also some additional material.

You can place your pre-orders during the Black Friday – weekend and while you’re at it, dont forget to pick up a Congregation T-shirt!

New official DSC T-shirt!

Well now, this is the first merchandise item except music releases from DSC for a long time and the first official T-shirt since “Believe” back in 2001! On popular demand we have decided to release a brand new “Congregation” T-shirt 2021 and it is available for pre-orders now!
More info:

The Congregation and the future

The Congregation stream on October 15:th was met with lots of praise from fans all over the world. For this DSC are very greatful and overwhelmed. Some have expressed that they would love to see the Congregation released in a physical format as well as an online release.

Also, DSC would like to send out huge thanks to all those of you who sent donations during the stream! We cannot stress that enough, thank  you!

Congregation – updates!

The Congregation event will happen on October 15, 20:00 CET and it will be free to watch the stream! As reported on earlier, Dark Side Cowboys gather at a ranch in the deep forests in the county of Jämtland to join fellow riders and this concert will deliver classic DSC-songs, songs that has never before been performed live and new, never before heard, songs!

It will be a one time broadcast, for now at least, so tune in: The stream will be from the official DSC Youtube: Subscribe to the channel and you won’t miss future events. A direct link to the stream will be also provided later.

Facebook event here:


At the fall equinox we bring you the news that there will be a streaming of a concert with Dark Side Cowboys and it will be something truly special!

It has been a while and it has it’s reasons. Due to the current situation in the world there have been no live performances for a long, long time. And even though there seems to be some light at the horizon now, there may still be a long time before the riders are able to travel long distance to play live and meet fans and friends.

Therefore Dark Side Cowboys gather at a ranch in the deep forests in the county of Jämtland to join fellow riders. This will not be like any other concert and we can already disclose that will be songs performed that has never before been performed live!

The premiere will be on October 15. It will be free to listen to but it will be a one time broadcast, for now at least, so save the date!

More info will come, so stay tuned…