Light – new single out now!

The new single “Light” is out now, a two-track single featuring the title track “Light” as well as the new song “City Of The Dead”.

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Silent War is the second single from the forthcoming album. It features the bombastic title track and the song City Of The Dead.

Release info

Year: 2023
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis
Format: CD (digipak) in limited edition + online release

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Light! New single out December 22

The second single from the forthcoming studio album with Dark Side Cowboys will be released on December 22! The single is called “Light” and it features two new songs: the title track “Light” and “City Of The Dead”.

This release is the second of two singles from the forthcoming full length album and it is also a part of the Dark Side Cowboys 30 year celebration 2023! “Light” will be available on most major digital platforms and streaming services on December 22 and for all the collectors, fans and those who just want to support the band there will also be a CD release in form of a limited edition digipak that will be released alongside. You can pre-order this single for only 6 euro + shipping through the DSC shop! Just fill out the form and the Sheriff’s office will get back to you as soon as possible.

Live 2023

Dark Side Cowboys to be part of the Make A Noise – online festival

We can now announce that Dark Side Cowboys will be part of the Make A Noise 2023 The Sophie Lancaster Foundation event 2023! There will be a live concert performance with DSC streaming on November 25. We are very honoured to be part of this and we hope many of you will tune in and show your support for the The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and MAKE A NOISE! Find the event here.