Teaser of new song out on compilation

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For all of you who have waited for new songs from Dark Side Cowboys, here is a teaser of what’s to come!

You have heard the acoustic version of the new song “One Moment In Time” on the “origins” CD. Some of you might have heard some of the new songs live. This is the first studio recording from the forthcoming album with new songs from DSC and it is released on the russian label “Darkpage” on a double CD entitled “Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 1” along with tracks from artists like Star Industry, Into The Abyss and Malaise.

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Pilgrimage Tour ends in Östersund

KF Sub Ostersund

Yes it is confirmed. Dark Side Cowboys return to their homelands of Jamtland, Sweden, to perform the last gig of the “Pilgrimage” Tour, a tour that has taken them across Sweden, Finland and Denmark in search of the Chronicles. Now they end by going back to the roots and for the first time ever DSC will perform in Östersund with full production. And as if that was not enough the riders have promised to deliver NEW SONGS to their faithful audience. Yes you heard it. Fans at the gigs have so far heard two new songs played live (three if they were in Helsinki in april this year), the first newly written material released from DSC since the album “Revival” in 2003! Here is your chance to hear what the dark riders will be up to next…. Get your tickets now!

Massive summer tour announced!

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The Pilgrimage tour 2015 continues with a massive summer tour in northern Sweden as Dark Side Cowboys join the “Inlandsbanefestivalen” along with artists like Kristian Anttila, Cajsa Siik, Johan Piribauer, EMP and Martin C Herberg. The tour starts on June 4 in Dorotea and goes on until at least June 15.

During these dates DSC will perform acoustic! Also, the new limited edition CD “Origins” will be available at the venues.

More details and tourdates will be announced in the next few days so keep watching the Upcoming gigs-section.

Limited edition CD “Origins” to be released

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Yes, true fans can expect more interesting releases from Dark Side Cowboys! Scheduled for June is the new minialbum entitled “Origins”, an album containing 5 songs by choice, all perfomed in acoustic based versions. It can be seen as a part of the “Chronicles” initiative, since it is mostly older songs, but it does also contain a teaser of the upcoming new album.

The CD will be a collector’s item for sure since it will be released as a limited edition of 100 copies digipack, also containing 3 bonus songs from the earlier “Chronicles” series.

For all others, the online release of the 5 original songs will be around early june… stay tuned for more info and follow the DSC facebook page.

Pilgrimage Tour – spring 2015

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Dark Side Cowboys will join with Vergil and Two Witches (Official) throughout Finland during Easter. After that the Cowboys will hit Denmark.

Dark Side Cowboys have released 3 studioalbums entitled “Chronicles”, part I – III, all albums containing rearranged and rerecorded songs from their first 20 years. This tour will feature some of the highlights from the albums.

More than a decade ago, DSC travelled across Finland alongside the people in Vergil and Two Witches in Easter. Now they return for a journey to the sacred places…. Pilgrimage.

Stay tuned for more news.

Chronicles III USB available for orders!

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Now available:
Chronicles III USB in digipack, limited edition.
Chronicles II CD digipack, limited edition

Read more about Chronicles III USB edition, containing tons of bonus tracks, here:

Both items are only available by direct order through www.darksidecowboys.com, official DSC-channels and sold at live-gigs!

And of course, if you have not yet already got your copy you can also order the first part of Chronicles:
1 DSC-chronicles_page1

Chronicles III online release

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles III - CD cover

The third part of the “Chronicles”-series is now released. The album “Chronicles III” is now online on various platforms.

Soon the Chronicles III digipack USB will arrive from the printers and it is a collector’s item filled with the original 8 “Chronicle III” tracks plus 11 bonus tracks, 2 videos and also 21 more tracks from Circles, Chronicles I and II, a total of more than 40 songs! This item can only be ordered directly from DSC or bought at live gigs.


So, have a listen, enjoy, and if you feel like getting your hands on the additional 11 bonus tracks, order now by sending us a message through the contact page

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0OR5y7wUsjyvDxBWUBv8KI

I-tunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chronicles-iii/id946853401

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bjypdvnezcwyf6g2zcnf4kqmscm&tid=song-Tvqoiu2smjlso7awyevxkt6w5la

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/9263802

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QFCMA5A/ref=dm_ws_ap_tlw_alb7

Chronicles II as ltd edition CD!

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles II - cover
We hear your calling across the plains. Therefore we will – in the darkest time of the year – bring some light: Chronicles part II will be released as a very limited digipack CD! It will come with exclusive artwork and orders are only available directly from the Sheriff´s office.

This item will cost you 10 EUR (in Sweden 100 sek) + shipping, so place your orders now. First orders served first and note there is a limited edition. For order details and availability: contact us.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Chronicles III while you’re at it.