The first single from the album High contains 6 tracks. It was awarded Single of the Year -98 by Zynthec Music Magazine (now known as Zero Music Magazine) and also climbed the charts at Swedish Alternative Music Awards the same year. It contains two versions of the by many favorable title song along with some other teasers of what’s to follow in its footsteps. Also you find an excklusive song in “Noctürne”, dedicated to Brandy Wahlén, a close friend to the band and former singer in La Solitude, who passed away tragically in 97.

Release info

Year: 1998
Label: Nangijala Records
Format: CD

Track list

  • UnfortuNathalie (Tied)
  • Missing (Flashback)
  • Noctürne
  • Bloodred Moon (Never Again)
  • UnfortuNathalie (Live In Studio, TakE 4, agaiN)
  • And There Will Be More (Most Part IV)