Pearls For The Swine


Pearls For The Swine is the last demotape from Dark Side Cowboys. Shortly after the release in 1995 the first CD Pure Hearts EP was released. Pearls was only available to members of Morinsis Productions and subscribers of Wanted Magazine, so back then many fans didn’t even know it existed. On this recording the Cowboys prepared themselves for the forthcoming CD’s and many future CD-tracks can be find here in early demoversions.

Release info

Year: 1995
Label: Moriensis Productions

Track list

  • Wet
  • Escape
  • Happy
  • Missing Metaphor
  • Girandole
  • Whenever We’re Dancing
  • Pain
  • Circles
  • Down To The Heart Of Midnight
  • Stars
  • Fear
  • This Silence
  • As I See You
  • Summer Part I