This fully packed album (19 tracks) passing the 70 minutes border of runningtime was actually released and sold as a CDM (believe it or not). Most contains the second single from the album High and also a bonus single named “Tears for You”, that refers back to the Cowboys’ first album The Apocryphal. And as if that wasn’t enough, DSC invites to a third chapter and deliver special bonus tracks with remixes by bands like Red Butt Closeup and Soulgrinder. The Most single itself is a very intense and somewhat brutal experience.

Release info

Year: 1998
Label: Nangijala Records
Format: CD-Maxi/CD

Track list

  • Prologue
  • Most
  • D.V.S.K.H
  • Whenever We’re Dancing (Alone)
  • 187 (How To)
  • The Escape (Replayed 98)
  • Manslaughter
  • The Apocryphal (Returning)
  • Tears For You (Delusions Of Grandeur)
  • Deep (Attempted Suicide)
  • Pride (Regret)
  • Tears For You (Revival)
  • Red Day (Shaft-Mix)
  • Why You Smile (Grindmix)
  • Stars (Nailgun)
  • Creation (Ex-speedition Edit)
  • Black Sun (’til The End)
  • New Years Day (970101)
  • Future World