This is the sequel to the Disclosure album and was released to the fans in 1999, resulting in another chart position for the Cowboys. The album takes the listener through a series of events to give answers to some of the questions put in mind during Disclosure – Episode I and to bring to surface a couple of new ones as well.

Musically DSC takes on a new type of sound with this production, containing massive guitar-riffs, soothing ballads, sweaping melodies and vocals both soft and brutal. All this mixed together in a clean production makes High a very strong album from the Dark Side.

Release info

Year: 1999
Label: Nangijala Records
Format: CD

Track list

  • Previously on Disclosure
  • Main Title from Disclosure
  • Murderer’s Theme
  • New Year’s Day
  • UnfortuNathalie (Closing The Door)
  • High
  • Possessions
  • The Ritual
  • Most (To The Bitch)
  • Black Sun
  • Demon’s Call (Paralyzed Part II)
  • The End Title
  • Closing Theme from Disclosure