Live album released: Reborn

On december 15 the new live music album “Reborn” was released! The album contains 11 songs and 60 minutes of Dark Side Cowboys performing their music live at Alternativfesten, Sweden in November 2018.

Many of the songs performed are from the latest album “Return“, including all the singles released from the album (One Moment In Time, Silent War, Dust III), along with classic DSC-songs like “Bloodred Moon”, “Loving You” and “New Religion”.

This is an album that showcase the Dark Side Cowboys live in a way that you could almost experience the feeling of standing there in front of the stage. Add to that the series of live videos from the very same concert, released on the official DSC Youtube-channel.

Have a listen folks:

New live music video released!

A new live music video has just been released on the Dark Side Cowboys official Youtube-channel. It is the first in a series of live songs that will be released in a near future.

The song is the classic “Bloodred Moon”, as performed live at Alternativfesten in Sandviken, Sweden on November 10 earlier this year. This will also be one chapter in the closure of the 25:th anniversary for the DSC, year MMXVIII. Stay tuned.

Silent War video released.

Now the music video for the opening song from the “Return” album “Silent War” is released. It was voted forward by the fans at the Dark Side Cowboys facebook channel as the next video from DSC to be released and the riders answered the call.

The video features Undertaker Atreyo and Gunslinger Jonah and the timeline is set somewhere around the events of the previous “Dust III” video…


Return – the new album is out

Dark Side Cowboys​ Return. Today is the release day for the brand new studio album from Dark Side Cowboys!

It features 12 new songs and it is the first studio album with new songs from DSC since 2003. It is released on most major online platforms and it will also be available on CD in a limited edition digipak with a 16-page booklet. Pre-orders for the digipak is available  now through

You can already enjoy the album online:
Here are some links:

Return – to be released April 6

The new album with Dark Side Cowboys, titled “Return”, is scheduled for release on April 6. The album will be released on most major online platforms (Spotify, itunes and so on) and it will also be released as a digipak in limited edition. It will be available for pre-order and more info on this will follow.

Also check out the video with some teasers from the album:

Album set for release!

The new album with Dark Side Cowboys is set for release in april! Dark Side Cowboys deliver their long promised album with new material, the first album with new songs since 2003! The album title has also been revealed and it will be called “Return”.

It will be released almost exactly 25 years since the band started and it will surely be a milestone in the discography of DSC. More details of the album will follow in a near future. Until then, enjoy the video above, released today, that might give you some clues…
It also features some new songs from the coming album!

Dream With Me out on RTSI

Dark Side Cowboys contribute to the RTSI (Right To Subcultural Identity) campaign with a new song and music video, titled “Dream With Me”. The RTSI-initiative work against discrimination of subcultures and Dark Side Cowboys fully stand behind their cause. The video is also dedicated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and their important work.

The song raise the topic of civil courage. It takes on what it means to be able to stand against something that seem overwhelming, invincible, and how that might change history. The video features among others artists Alternative Horizon and the designs/artwork of Kai Reichwaldt and Tomas Ponga. It stars Kari Berg as Poker Hart and also features new talent in among others Martina Gabara.

Poker Hart is gambling with high stakes. She faces a man with a plague mask who claims he has a coin with a value greater than any other. She recognises his voice from somewhere in her past and then, she remembers…

Read more and see the video:

New video: Dust III

Dark Side Cowboys now release the video for “Dust III”. Breathtakingly beautiful views of the homelands of the Cowboys merge with the mesmerizing soundscapes, as the spectacular scenery speaks out to the audience.

The video was shot by Joachim Ljungquist. It shows the magnificent landscapes and surroundings by the river of Ammerån, the county of Jamtland in northern Sweden. It certainly is a music video like no other.

Gunslinger Jonah has been on a quest of finding the riders, but what he found was not all what he was looking for… Walking by the river he follows the old trail where the raftsmen used to work. Who, or what can be found at the ancient trail that leads through the forest alongside the river? The search goes on as autumn is closing in..

New compilations featuring DSC

The past year has seen a number of compilations (online and on CD) featuring the Dark Side Cowboys. On russian label Darkpage a mix of the new song “I Would Never” is featured. At Sea Compilations released “La Danse Macabre vol II” featuring an exclusive mix of “One Moment In Time” and KF Kretsen released the single version of the same track on “Mixat 2017”. More to come as DSC will join the “United World Underground” collection by M&E this autumn.

The United World Underground

Dark Side Cowboys will be part of “The United World Underground Collection”, by Music & Elsewhere, to be released in a near future, as M&E celebrate 25 years.

We can already disclose that M&E will re-release the old demotape collection “Review” (this time digitally remastered – the original was released on cassette).

There will also be 3 bonus tracks on the release: “Stories Heard”, “Premonitions” and the single track “One Moment In Time”. Also, some other collector’s items will be found, like a previously unreleased promotional picture!

Follow the progress of this release at:

Have a sneak peak at the book:

New live video! One Moment In Time

Out now is a new live in concert video with Dark Side Cowboys, performing “One Moment In Time”. It was recorded live at Babel venue in Malmö, Sweden on april 14:th as DSC performed at the RTSI-event “Make A Noise Malmö”, to raise awarness about the RTSI-initiative and also to raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

This is actually the first official live in concert video ever by Dark Side Cowboys, although there has been a semi-live video released earlier for “Believe” and of course a bunch of bootlegs and other recorded performances. Still, this would be the first official release.

More songs from this concert will follow on the official Dark Side Cowboys Youtube-channel!


Dust III – third single out!

“Forced out of the light” comes the third single from the fortcoming album with Dark Side Cowboys. “Dust III” is as the name suggests the third part of a suit of songs, where earlier releases in the series has been “Dust” (1996) and “Dust II” (2011). Now the third part is released as part of the forthcoming DSC-album. The song is a lot more atmospheric and laid back than the earlier two single releases and shows the wide spectre of the sound from the album.

The single is released online and available on most major platforms, but there will also be a limited edition digipak with exclusive artwork (available for preorder now) for the hardcore fans.


New live dates announced!

Dark Side Cowboys will play live at the RTSI evening at Babel, Malmö, on April 14th. The concert is part of the RTSI campaign to raise awareness about the work that RTSI and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation do against discrimination of subcultures.

Dark Side Cowboys will perform alongside among others: Aurelio Voltaire, Spark! and Machinista. Read more at the Live section.

Silent War, new single out now!

Omslag_1400x1400 at300

The second single from the forthcoming album with Dark Side Cowboys is out now, containing the title track “Silent War” and the song “Everything Changes”. This single will point the direction of what to expect on the coming album from DSC. The single is released online and available on most major platforms, but there will also be a limited edition digipak with exclusive artwork (available for preorder now) for the hardcore fans.

New song and music video out


The first video from the forthcoming album by Dark Side Cowboys is the song “A Different Path”. Witness the beatutiful landscapes of Jamtland county, listen, contemplate and follow on a journey where Gunslinger Jonah goes searching for the artefacts of old claimed to be found in the wilderness… What or who will he find?



First single from new album out!


“One Moment In Time” is the name of the new single from Dark Side Cowboys, the first single from the forthcoming album, which will be the first album in more than ten years with new songs from DSC to hit the market!

The single One Moment In Time states the path of the sound from the coming album. Dark Side Cowboys have gone back to the roots but also taking on a different path, renewing their sound once again. The atmospheric soundscape with rythmic strings, low melodic leads, the picking guitars, driving drums and melodic bass shows how the new lineup of DSC have managed to merge their styles.

The single is released October 1 on most online platforms and will also be available in a limited edition on a digipack! You can pre-order it from the DSC-shop for a nice 5 EUR!

Listen and share:

New album and single confirmed!

Breaking news:
It has been more than 10 years since Swedens finest gothic/alt rock band Dark Side Cowboys released an album with new material. Now, the riders from the north confirm that rumours are indeed true and that they have been working on a new album, for several years, that is to be released in a near future. But first out will be a single or two.

First out now from the new album, which title is rumoured to be announced later this fall, will be a single entitled “One Moment In Time”. More on this will follow… soon.


“There are whispers. People say that “the undertaker”, one of the riders from the legendary Dark Side Cowboys has been sighted wandering by the river… Something long lost has been found.”

New song out on compilation


New compilation (double CD) released on Darkpage label featuring a brand new song by Dark Side Cowboys: “Breathing In” in an exclusive mix. You can buy your copy online from Darkpage. Other bands are among others Star Industry and Malaise.

Origins Extended out on Spotify and I-tunes!

Dark Side Cowboys - Origins Extended - cover1024_72pxl

More news from the prairie of the Dark Side Cowboys: The “Origins” album is now out online in an “Extended” version. “Origins” was released as a limited CD digipack release during the Pilgrimage tour on “Inlandsbanefestivalen” that DSC did earlier this year, then with 3 additional bonus tracks not included on this release. But this online release contain 4 songs recorded live during the “Inlandsbanefestivalen” gigs!

The “Origins” mini-album was recorded as an acoustic based album where DSC performs some of their classic songs in a minimalistic style, as done during “Inlandsbanefestivalen”. Many have requested these versions and now it is here. The 5-track original min-ialbum also have one new song: “One Moment In Time”, also performed with acoustic instruments.

The live recordings feature two special guests, namely swedish singer/songwriter Linn Ulwebäck who sings along on “One Moment In Time” and german guitar virtuoise Martin C Herberg who joined DSC live on “Story of Stories”.

As a finally, on popular demand, DSC give you the exclusive cover version of “Jämtlandssången” by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, the “national anthem” of Jamtland Sweden, from where many of the riders come from.

Have a listen:

Teaser of new song out on compilation

Dark Side Cowboys - So Serene picture 1024
For all of you who have waited for new songs from Dark Side Cowboys, here is a teaser of what’s to come!

You have heard the acoustic version of the new song “One Moment In Time” on the “origins” CD. Some of you might have heard some of the new songs live. This is the first studio recording from the forthcoming album with new songs from DSC and it is released on the russian label “Darkpage” on a double CD entitled “Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 1” along with tracks from artists like Star Industry, Into The Abyss and Malaise.

To order:

Pilgrimage Tour ends in Östersund

KF Sub Ostersund

Yes it is confirmed. Dark Side Cowboys return to their homelands of Jamtland, Sweden, to perform the last gig of the “Pilgrimage” Tour, a tour that has taken them across Sweden, Finland and Denmark in search of the Chronicles. Now they end by going back to the roots and for the first time ever DSC will perform in Östersund with full production. And as if that was not enough the riders have promised to deliver NEW SONGS to their faithful audience. Yes you heard it. Fans at the gigs have so far heard two new songs played live (three if they were in Helsinki in april this year), the first newly written material released from DSC since the album “Revival” in 2003! Here is your chance to hear what the dark riders will be up to next…. Get your tickets now!

Massive summer tour announced!

Pilgrimage_summer_Promo pic4
The Pilgrimage tour 2015 continues with a massive summer tour in northern Sweden as Dark Side Cowboys join the “Inlandsbanefestivalen” along with artists like Kristian Anttila, Cajsa Siik, Johan Piribauer, EMP and Martin C Herberg. The tour starts on June 4 in Dorotea and goes on until at least June 15.

During these dates DSC will perform acoustic! Also, the new limited edition CD “Origins” will be available at the venues.

More details and tourdates will be announced in the next few days so keep watching the Upcoming gigs-section.

Limited edition CD “Origins” to be released

Dark Side Cowboys - Origins - cover 800

Yes, true fans can expect more interesting releases from Dark Side Cowboys! Scheduled for June is the new minialbum entitled “Origins”, an album containing 5 songs by choice, all perfomed in acoustic based versions. It can be seen as a part of the “Chronicles” initiative, since it is mostly older songs, but it does also contain a teaser of the upcoming new album.

The CD will be a collector’s item for sure since it will be released as a limited edition of 100 copies digipack, also containing 3 bonus songs from the earlier “Chronicles” series.

For all others, the online release of the 5 original songs will be around early june… stay tuned for more info and follow the DSC facebook page.

Pilgrimage Tour – spring 2015

Promo pic2-2

Dark Side Cowboys will join with Vergil and Two Witches (Official) throughout Finland during Easter. After that the Cowboys will hit Denmark.

Dark Side Cowboys have released 3 studioalbums entitled “Chronicles”, part I – III, all albums containing rearranged and rerecorded songs from their first 20 years. This tour will feature some of the highlights from the albums.

More than a decade ago, DSC travelled across Finland alongside the people in Vergil and Two Witches in Easter. Now they return for a journey to the sacred places…. Pilgrimage.

Stay tuned for more news.

Chronicles III USB available for orders!

cIII annons FB 800

Now available:
Chronicles III USB in digipack, limited edition.
Chronicles II CD digipack, limited edition

Read more about Chronicles III USB edition, containing tons of bonus tracks, here:

Both items are only available by direct order through, official DSC-channels and sold at live-gigs!

And of course, if you have not yet already got your copy you can also order the first part of Chronicles:
1 DSC-chronicles_page1

Chronicles III online release

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles III - CD cover

The third part of the “Chronicles”-series is now released. The album “Chronicles III” is now online on various platforms.

Soon the Chronicles III digipack USB will arrive from the printers and it is a collector’s item filled with the original 8 “Chronicle III” tracks plus 11 bonus tracks, 2 videos and also 21 more tracks from Circles, Chronicles I and II, a total of more than 40 songs! This item can only be ordered directly from DSC or bought at live gigs.

So, have a listen, enjoy, and if you feel like getting your hands on the additional 11 bonus tracks, order now by sending us a message through the contact page



Google Play:



Chronicles II as ltd edition CD!

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles II - cover
We hear your calling across the plains. Therefore we will – in the darkest time of the year – bring some light: Chronicles part II will be released as a very limited digipack CD! It will come with exclusive artwork and orders are only available directly from the Sheriff´s office.

This item will cost you 10 EUR (in Sweden 100 sek) + shipping, so place your orders now. First orders served first and note there is a limited edition. For order details and availability: contact us.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Chronicles III while you’re at it.

New music video: Story of Stories

Yes, it’s finally here. The first new official music video with Dark Side Cowboys since 1998! The song is “Story of Stories”, a song originally written and recorded for “The Hall of Pain” in 1994 but now given a new treatment production-wise.

The video was show deep in the wilderness of northern Sweden, close to the homelands of the Cowboys. The monotonous song is almost hypnotic, as is the beautiful landscapes as the sun sets. What are you waiting for? Go experience the Story, of stories.

Chronicles III track list revealed

teaser Chronicles III web_

We can now reveal the full track list of the “Chronicles III” album, soon to be released through Moriensis Productions. It will hold 8 reworked DSC songs, originally released on various albums throughout the DSC-history like “Revival”, “Believe”, “Most” and “High” but also the never before on CD released “Story of Stories” and “Pain”, both tracks originating from the very early DSC-era in the 90’s.

The album will be released digitally through Spotify, I-tunes and also available on Youtube through the official DSC-channel. It will also be released as a limited edition digipack/usb-album with all the bonus material, and we can tell you, it will be quite a lot of value for money! Those who buy the USB-digipack edition will get lots of bonus material.

For example the release will contain remixes by Ninedee, Independent State and Azogh and the full online releases “Chronicles” and “Chronicles II” and the “Circles” single. The fans will also find 3 songs from the very first DSC-demo recording from 1993 that has been digitally restored and remixed! Also bonus tracks, music videos and cover artwork along with a few surprises. This means a total of 40 tracks, a collector’s item for sure.

Read on below for the full track list:

Chronicles III – online release:
1 Story of Stories
2 Pride
3 Song of Selena
4 The Escape
5 Believe
6 Demon’s Call
7 Circles (album version)
8 Pain

Bonus material – USB release:

  • Circles 2 track-single
  • Chronicles – 13 track album
  • Chronicles II – 6 track minialbum

Bonus tracks:
Circles (Revived)

Can No Longer (remixed by Ninedee)
Autumn Song (remixed by Independent State)
Most (remixed by Azogh)
157 (remixed by Naggaroth Nightmares)

Early demos:
Duel ’til Dawn (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Red Day (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Black Sun (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Black Sun (TL Studio version 1995)
To Be Continued… (8-track demo from 1993)

Story of Stories
The Mirror

plus artwork and more.

Dark Side Cowboys release “Circles”

dsc Circles single
August 1 2014 is the official release-date for the brand new and probably unexpected online single release, entitled “Circles”, by Dark Side Cowboys. “Circles” was originally released as an upbeat danceable track on the “Revival” album in 2003 but this time the Cowboys have taken a total turn transforming this dancefloor tune into an atmosperhic piano meets violin ballad.

Guest starring on this release is the folk-music multitalent Anton Teljebäck (also the coordinator of the Umefolk festival) who has given the track a touch of the northern folk-soul with beautiful lead violin and a whole bunch of backing orchestration that together with the melodical piano from VigilAnte and the acoustic bass of Atreyo form the soundscape that really brings the Cowboys back to the roots.

As “side 2” you find a Live recording of the same track, from open air concert in Storuman in June, during Inlandsbanefestivalen. It was during this tour that the new version of “Circles” formed, inspired by the landscapes and that special -youmustexperienceittobelieveit – northern atmosphere.

This is the first (and maybe only) single from the forthcoming release “Chronicles III”.

Minitour in Finland confirmed

Dark Side Cowboys will head for a minitour in Finland in the beginning of August.
For the first time in many years the Cowboys team up with the Witches of Two Witches and the guys from Vergil. 2W have just released their new album “Goodevil” and Vergil recently released their CD, so just in time for that DSC have prepared som very special news for you all.. check in soon for updates!

The tour will hit Vasa, Riihimäki and Häämenlinna august 7-9.
Read more info at the booking page.

Chronicles III scheduled for release

There will be a third part of the “Chronicles” releases from Dark Side Cowboys! It is scheduled for release in September if all works as planned. And even before that we will have some other interesting news for you, soon to be revealed so keep your eyes out.

The Chronicles III album will continue the journey that part I and II started. It will contain even more re-arranged and re-recorded songs from the DSC-history, among others for those of you who have awaited “Believe” and “Pride”, your prayers have been answered. The release will also be filled with additional bonus material, remixes and more.

The album will be released digitally through Spotify, I-tunes and also available on Youtube through the official DSC-channel. It will also be released as a limited edition digipack/usb-album with all the bonus material, and we can tell you, it will be quite a lot of value for money!


Dark Side Cowboys tour Inlandsbanefestivalen


After doing a small exclusive acoustic gig at Club Unplugged in april and after performing together with the Oratoriekören (Oratorie Choir) of Umeå at the City Church of Umeå, Dark Side Cowboys now continue this streak of unexpected gigs with joining Inlandsbanefestivalen for 3 days, touring the northern countryside of Sweden alongside Susanne Alvengren, Staffan Hellstrand and Johan Piribauer among others.

Download the Chronicles II cover

Here you can download the full cover to the new digital release Chronicles II with Dark Side Cowboys:
Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles II - for print
This download is available for personal use only for people who support Dark Side Cowboys. It is strictly forbidden to print and redistribute in any way by anyone without written prior permission from Dark Side Cowboys. Support your artists! Do not rip them off.

Chronicles II out now

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles II - cover

The new digital release “Chronicles II” from Dark Side Cowboys is out now on Spotify, containing 6 songs, 5 re-recorded and re-arranged and 1 new track, never before released.

Track list:
1 Magia Nera 2014
2 Murderer’s Theme
3 Most
4 Stars
5 Can No Longer
6 Red Day

Listen to the new song “Can No Longer”:


Chronicles II scheduled for release

Dark Side Cowboys - Chronicles II - cover

We start the new year 2014 with great new for the DSC fans and followers! In early february the follow up album to “Chronicles” (dec 2013) entitled “Chronicles II” will be released, containing 6 tracks. It will be a digital release on Spotify and I-tunes. More info will follow.

Chronicles on Spotify


The new album “Chronicles is now available on Spotify, have a listen!

And yes, it is one track missing, the new song “Starvation”, available on the actual CD.

Dark Side Cowboy release 20year-album!


Yes it’s true. To celebrate the 20 year anniversary Dark Side Cowboys will release a new studio album just in time for Christmas! The 14-track new album is entitled “Chronicles” and contains brand new re-recordings of 13 classic DSC-songs, from “Pure Hearts EP” (1995) up to “Believe” (2001) and on top of that 1 new song called “Starvation”.

The album will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies and sold only at gigs and limited chosen distributors. But of course all you fans of digital distribution should not worry, “Chronicles” will be released on Spotify etc as well, but with the exception that the new song “Starvation” will not be included in the digital release. The album is released on the classic Moriensis Productions and in cooperation with Nangijala Records.

On “Chronicles” Dark Side Cowboys have chosen 13 songs that have been rearranged much due to the return of Vigilante who has been gathering knowledge from his years riding with the Morlocks, the new talents of Vagrant Bob and the return of Atreyo who’s classic bass lines from the early Cowboy years still shine through in the production. The result is an album that brings classic songs to new dimensions, with technology that holds less limit than the times when the original DSC-albums were recorded on analogue tapes.

So what about the new stuff then? Rumours have been that the Cowboys have been working on new songs, like “Silent War”, performed live the past years. The answer to that question we refere to the future. Yes it is true. A brand newly written studio album will probably emerge in a not too distant future, but for now, DSC celebrate 20 years as a band, and still there are some months before the actual anniversary ends and Cowboys turn 21.

Stay tuned for more info on “Chronicles” and the future.


The Mirror video re-released

The old DSC-video “The Mirror”, from “The Apocryphal”-album 1995 has now been digitally remastered and re-released on youtube:

New Religion on Spotify

Dark Side Cowboys - New Religion - singlererelease2013_cover_web_600 pxl

The year 2000 and the new millennia kicked off with the release of the DSC-single “New Religion”, a song that quickly climbed the alternative charts in Scandinavia and got a no1 placement in Finland. Now, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dark Side Cowboys, this popular single has been re-released (remastered) on Spotify.

Disclosure re-released

Dark Side Cowboys - Disclosure (2013 rereleased and remastered) cover web600

Today (November 8, 2013) Dark Side Cowboys re-released the classic studio-album “Disclosure” on Spotify. The songs have all been remastered and the cover is updated. The album is now called “Disclosure Episode 1, The Transformation”  as it was originally ment to be, but it was shortened to “Disclosure” when originally released in 1997 on Moriensis/Nangijala.

We send our thanx to J-Axel Industrial Art & Interiör Unltd and Nangijala Records for the re-release and to OlkK for the remastering.

Free download of UnfortuNathalie 2013

The classic “Single of the year -98” song “UnfortuNathalie” by DSC, re-recorded in 2013 and released on the Bat Night compilation recently, FREE FOR DOWNLOAD (and if you pay you support the bats – batworld!) along with a bunch of other nice bands:

Press info reads:
“Dark Side Cowboys have played the song classic “UnfortuNathalie” live in a new version and decided to record that version for the fans.”

Teaser track to be released

Those of you who want a teaser of what DSC are up to with the 20-year celebrations, check out this digital compilation record by “Bat Night” (Swedish goth-club) where a brand new version of the old “Single of the year – 98” track “UnfortuNathalie” is released: