Dream With Me out on RTSI

Dark Side Cowboys contribute to the RTSI (Right To Subcultural Identity) campaign with a new song and music video, titled “Dream With Me”. The RTSI-initiative work against discrimination of subcultures and Dark Side Cowboys fully stand behind their cause. The video is also dedicated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and their important work.

The song raise the topic of civil courage. It takes on what it means to be able to stand against something that seem overwhelming, invincible, and how that might change history. The video features among others artists Alternative Horizon and the designs/artwork of Kai Reichwaldt and Tomas Ponga. It stars Kari Berg as Poker Hart and also features new talent, among others Martina Gabara.

Poker Hart is gambling with high stakes. She faces a man with a plague mask who claims he has a coin with a value greater than any other. She recognises his voice from somewhere in her past and then, she remembers…

Read more and see the video: rtsi.se/dark-side-cowboys-dream-with-me