At the fall equinox we bring you the news that there will be a streaming of a concert with Dark Side Cowboys and it will be something truly special!

It has been a while and it has it’s reasons. Due to the current situation in the world there have been no live performances for a long, long time. And even though there seems to be some light at the horizon now, there may still be a long time before the riders are able to travel long distance to play live and meet fans and friends.

Therefore Dark Side Cowboys gather at a ranch in the deep forests in the county of Jämtland to join fellow riders. This will not be like any other concert and we can already disclose that will be songs performed that has never before been performed live!

The premiere will be on October 15. It will be free to listen to but it will be a one time broadcast, for now at least, so save the date!

More info will come, so stay tuned…