Chronicles III


Chronicles III is the third part in the Chronicles-series. It contains 8 more songs from the DSC-history that has been rearranged and rerecorded. The release spans from the monotone “Story of Stories” and the melodic “Circles” to uptempo hits like “Believe” and “Song of Selena”. Some of the tracks on this album had never before been released officialy more than as demos, but now finally reached a wider audience.

Release info

Year: 2014
Label: Epos MD/Moriensis Productions
Format: digital release + USB digipack with bonus tracks

Track list (USB + online release)

  • Story of Stories
  • Pride
  • Song of Selena
  • The Escape
  • Believe
  • Demon’s Call
  • Circles (album version) featuring Anton Teljebäck
  • Pain

Additional Tracks – USB RelEase

          Bonus Tracks:

  • Princess
  • Circles (Revived)


  • Can No Longer (remixed by Ninedee)
  • Autumn Song (remixed by Independent State)
  • Most (remixed by Azogh)
  • 157 (remixed  by Naggaroth Nightmares)

    Early Demos:

  • Duel’til Dawn (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
  • Red Day (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
  • Black Sun (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
  • Black Sun (TL Studio version 1995)
  • To Be Continued… (8-track demo from 1993)


  • Story of Stories
  • The Mirror

Circles (single, online version)
Chronicles (full album, online version)
Chronicles II (full album, online version)