Chronicles III track list revealed

We can now reveal the full track list of the “Chronicles III” album, soon to be released through Moriensis Productions. It will hold 8 reworked DSC songs, originally released on various albums throughout the DSC-history like “Revival”, “Believe”, “Most” and “High” but also the never before on CD released “Story of Stories” and “Pain”, both tracks originating from the very early DSC-era in the 90’s.

The album will be released digitally through Spotify, I-tunes and also available on Youtube through the official DSC-channel. It will also be released as a limited edition digipack/usb-album with all the bonus material, and we can tell you, it will be quite a lot of value for money! Those who buy the USB-digipack edition will get lots of bonus material.

For example the release will contain remixes by Ninedee, Independent State and Azogh and the full online releases “Chronicles” and “Chronicles II” and the “Circles” single. The fans will also find 3 songs from the very first DSC-demo recording from 1993 that has been digitally restored and remixed! Also bonus tracks, music videos and cover artwork along with a few surprises. This means a total of 40 tracks, a collector’s item for sure.

Read on below for the full track list:

Chronicles III – online release:
1 Story of Stories
2 Pride
3 Song of Selena
4 The Escape
5 Believe
6 Demon’s Call
7 Circles (album version)
8 Pain

Bonus material – USB release:

  • Circles 2 track-single
  • Chronicles – 13 track album
  • Chronicles II – 6 track minialbum

Bonus tracks:
Circles (Revived)

Can No Longer (remixed by Ninedee)
Autumn Song (remixed by Independent State)
Most (remixed by Azogh)
157 (remixed by Naggaroth Nightmares)

Early demos:
Duel ’til Dawn (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Red Day (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Black Sun (remixed 8-track demo from 1993)
Black Sun (TL Studio version 1995)
To Be Continued… (8-track demo from 1993)

Story of Stories
The Mirror

plus artwork and more.