Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 1

Title: Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 1
Track: So Serene (River Mix)
Format: 2CDr
Info: Compilation of gothic rock
Year: 2015
Label: Darkpage
Other artists participating: Star Industry, Into The Abyss, Malaise and many more.

Voices of Mislealia volume 1

Title: Voices of Mislealia Volume 1
Track: Bloodred Moon
Format: CD + digital
Info: Compilation of goth and darwave sounds from Europe.
Year: 2015
Label: Mislealia Records
Other artists participating: Into The Mist, She Past Away, Reptyle, Neu Zaum, Madness of the Night, Arts of Erebus, Fading Rain, Mist of Dead End, Come With Reverse, The Flatfield, Sweet Ermengarde, Rot on the March, New Zero God ,NU:N, Into The Mist.

Decadion 2

Title: Decadion 2
Track: Missing
Format: CDR w. MP3
Info: Compilation
Year: 2013
Label: Music & Elsewhere
Other artists participating: Raven Said, The Dust Ryde, Sonsombre and many more.
Additional info: MMATT, Klangwart, Venus Fly Trap and many more.

Bats of Mercy

Title: Bats of Mercy
Track: UnfortuNathalie (Bat Night mix)
Format: Digital
Info: Released by Bat Night club to raise money for
Year: 2013
Label: Bat Night
Other artists participating: Malaise, Undecimber, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Two Withces, Myrah, The Mist of Avalon, Dr Arthur Krause, Waves Under Water, Dawn of Oblivion, Then Comes Silence, Purple Nail, Shoggoth, Defixions

ElectriXmas 2010

Title: ElectriXmas 2010
Tracks: UnfortuNathalie (OlkK Remix 2010)
Format: Online
Info: Limited edition release
Year: 2010
Label: Neostalgia
Other artists participating:

ElectriXmas 2003

Title: ElectriXmas 2003
Track: Bloodred Moon (Electrofied 2003)
Format: CD
Info: Compilation released by ElectriXmas
Year: 2003
Other artists participating: Covenant, VNV Nation, Welle:Erdball, Spetznaz, Alice In Videoland, Dive,  and many more.

A Merciful Tribute To The Sisters

Title: A Mercyful Tribute To The Sisters
Track: First & Last & Always
Format: CD
Info: Tribute album to The Sisters Of Mercy
Year: 2000
Label: Tribute Records
Other artists participating: Mobile Mob Freakshow, Dan Swanö, Desire, Headtrip Inc, Funhouse, Bay Laurel, Mist Of Avalon and more

Angel Child IV – On The Side Of Angels

Title: Angel Child IV – On The Side Of Angels
Tracks: Stars (Gothamite Mix)
Format: CD
Year: 1999
Label: M&A Musicart
Other artists participating: The Misled, God’s Bow, Star Industry, The Mist of Avalon, Funhouse, Killing Miranda and many more

The Power of Gothic

Title: The Power of Gothic
Tracks: Cyanide Dreams, Bloodred Moon, UnfortuNataly
Format: Double-CD
Info: A compliation released by SPV, not approved by DSC directly.
Year: 1998
Label: SPV
Other artists participating: Patricia Morrison, Love Like Blood, Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle, Merry Thoughts, Kyoto Blue and many more.